Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles

Aroma candles not only create a romantic atmosphere in a room, but also provide a healing effect through the fragrance and the flickering of the flame. Using aroma candles can relieve daily fatigue and help you live a more active life. However, there are three major benefits to using aroma candles in addition to healing. In fact, both the flame and fragrance of aroma candles have been confirmed to have positive effects.

Therefore, in this article, we will specifically explain the three effects of aroma candles along with scientific evidence. In addition, recommended scents and how to choose them will also be introduced.

Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles插图Three Effects You Can Expect From Aroma Candles

Relaxation of mind and body

It is scientifically known that people can relax both mentally and physically by using aroma candles. There are two reasons.

Because the candle flame has a relaxing effect

Among various types of “fluctuations,” sounds in nature, such as the murmuring of a stream or the sound of the wind, are said to be comfortable to people because they are close to the “1/f” frequency. Candle flames also fluctuate at 1/f, so people feel relaxed when they see a flickering flame.

According to one study, when muscle potentials and brain waves were measured by lighting candles in a room with the lights off, both mental and physical tension levels were reduced.

Another study compared 10 women at a dinner party in a room with the lights on and a room with the lights off and candles lit, and found that the women’s irritable mental state indicators were visibly lower.

Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles插图1The aroma of the aroma has a relaxing effect

In addition to the flickering effect of the flame, fragrance has a relaxing effect. This is because scents have the power to change the state of the body and mind. When you smell a certain fragrance, you may recall an event from the past. This is because the scent directly stimulates the hippocampus and the hypothalamus in the brain. The hippocampus is responsible for memory, and the hypothalamus is responsible for emotions, so when we smell certain scents, they have a calming effect on us and help us recall memories.

The concluded wherefore aroma candles are same to have a relaxing effect is due to the flickering of the flame and the effect of the fragrance.

Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles插图2Helps poise the autonomic nervous system

The aroma of aroma candles can poise the involuntary nervous system, stimulate the secretion of hormones, and promote metabolism. This is because scents have a direct effect on the hypothalamus, which controls hormones and other endocrine systems and the autonomic nervous system, and regulates respiration, body temperature, digestion, and sleep.

By regulating the autonomic nervous system,

  • Increased motivation, concentration and memory
  • Positive, euphoric feelings
  • Excitement and romantic moods

and romantic moods. Since different scents have different effects, scents of aroma candles will be explained in detail in Chapter 2.

Fragrance effect

Using aroma candles can take away unpleasant smells in the room. This is because the flame of the candle burns off particulate matter that causes odors in the air. It also removes unwanted cigarette and pet odors, so even without deodorizers, aroma candles can keep a room smelling good.

Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles插图3Recommended Scents For Aroma Candles


Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles插图4This is one of the most versatile aroma scents. Use it to relax tension and balance the mind, spirit, body, emotions, and skin. The scent is fresh and floral, yet herbal. Choose lavender fragrance when you are tired, have stomach problems, have trouble sleeping, or when you are nervous or anxious and need to calm your mind.


Fresh and refreshing, the lemon scent is actually suited for people who tend to consume a lot of fatty foods and alcohol. This is because it stimulates the flow of blood and is believed to promote circulation and help with high blood pressure. The refreshing scent is also said to be effective when you want to improve concentration and memory. Try using it when you need to concentrate on work or study.


Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles插图5It works on the liver and has a detoxifying effect, relieving swelling and stress-related disorders. In addition, the fresh scent of grapefruit naturally fills a space with a sense of well-being. It is a good choice for work at your desk or office, as it brightens the atmosphere and makes it more pleasant. It is a good idea to use grapefruit fragrance in such situations where you want to refresh your mind and body.


Sandalwood, with its soft, sweet, woody aroma, calms the nerves that are on edge. It is the scent to use when you want to calm an overheated body and spirit. It is also known to improve fluid flow and benefit the urinary system. Use it when you want to have a relaxed mind, or when your thoughts and actions are not in sync and you want to reexamine your inner self.


Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles插图6This is a popular fragrance with a rich, sweet scent reminiscent of the high tropics. Use it when you are too busy and tend to keep emotions such as joy and sadness inside, or when you want to relax but cannot relax from the bottom of your heart.

It releases the tension of heightened nerves and leads to a deep relaxation effect. However, some people say that there are distinct likes and dislikes of the fragrance, so please check the fragrance before purchasing.


The refreshing scent of peppermint helps to cool the mind and improve concentration. It is also known to help with digestive and respiratory problems. Try using it when you are having trouble settling your emotions, such as persistent depression or elation, or when you have gastrointestinal problems due to binge-eating or drinking.


Excellent for balancing and helping to bring you back to the normal mental and physical state you should be in. It is a mature citrus scent with green tones added to lime and grapefruit. It is an effective fragrance when you are depressed or elated, when your mood is uneven and you need to calm down, or when your digestive system is sluggish.

Fluctuation of Fire Gives Healing! Effects of Aroma Candles插图7

Simply purchase a candle in the fragrance and shape of your choice, light it, and enjoy your own personal relaxation time. Enjoy the fragrance while doing housework or reading, or listen to music while gazing into the candle flame. Before going to bed, extinguish the fire and enjoy the lingering fragrance as you rest.

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