Aroma candles are a great way to enjoy the scent along with the appearance of the candles. They are popular among many people as a relaxing and comforting token when placed in a room. Although such aroma candles can be handmade, many people often worry about how much fragrance to put in them. In this issue, we will introduce how to make olfactory property candles without fail and how to make them with just the right amount of fragrance.

How to Make Aroma Candles Without Fail?插图What Are aroma candles?

Aroma candles, one of the most popular types of candles, are “scented candles”. Candles can be enjoyed as interior decorations, but the scent can also be relaxing. Aroma candles themselves are scented, simply when they are lit and the wax melts, they become more fragrant. This scent is created when fragrance is added to the candle, and “scenting” is an important aspect of aroma candles. Perfume makers and undefined brands often sell scented candles so that people can enjoy the fragrance.

How to Make Aroma Candles Without Fail?插图1Types of Fragrances Used for “Scenting” Aroma Candles

Aroma candles can be handmade, but fragrances must be prepared for scenting. In general, the following three types of fragrances are used for handmade candles.

Fragrances for candles

Some fragrances are made for candles. Since they are made specifically for aroma undefined making, they are safe and can be used safely. Fragrances for candles can be purchased online from product manufacturers.

Aroma oil

How to Make Aroma Candles Without Fail?插图2Aroma oil is a common fragrance used for perfumed candles. And aroma oil here refers to essential oil from which the fragrant components of plants are extracted, and a variety of scents can be enjoyed depending on the ingredients. Aroma oils can be combined with each other to create your favorite fragrance, and are recommended for those who want to produce their own favorite aroma candles.

Commercially available perfumes

Aroma candles can also be made from commercially available perfumes. This item is likewise named a scent candle. Often successful with leftover commercial scent or sample perfume, it is best to check the redolence beforehand, as you will not be able to enjoy the aroma candles unless you like the scent.

How to Make Aroma Candles Without Fail?插图3How to Make Aroma Candles Smell Stronger

When you make aroma candles, you may feel that you have a problem that the fragrance does not come out very strong even though you have added fragrance. There are several possible causes for this, so here are some ways to make the fragrance stronger.

Use stronger fragrances

If the aroma oil or perfume itself is soft and fluffy, it will leave only a faint scent. Depending on your preference, choose a stronger fragrance if you find it lacking.

  • Citrus scents such as mandarin and grapefruit
  • Musk scents such as white musk and cashmere musk
  • Oriental floral scents such as lily and jasmine

The above fragrances are said to smell well. It is recommended to experiment by adding a little more.

Use “2%” more fragrance than standard

To get more fragrance, try adding a little more fragrance than usual. More is said to mean “2% more than the standard,” but be sure to stay within the allowable amount depending on the type of wax. You must then do a burn test beforehand to make sure the candle will work properly. You may not put in as much fragrance as you like; too much will cause the wax and fragrance to separate and the wick to clog.

Turn off the flame before adding fragrance

When wax is melted at high temperatures, fragrance tends to be lost. Instead of adding aroma oil or perfume while the heat is on, add the fragrance while the pot is off the heat. Aroma oils are flammable, and even those containing artificial fragrances with low flashover temperatures may contain alcohol. It is dangerous to add fragrance while the pot is on fire, as there is a risk of ignition. The temperature of wax should be about 60°C (140°F), which is the temperature at which the fragrance can be properly activated without losing its aroma. It is best to remove the wax from the flame and add the fragrance while measuring with a thermometer.

How to Make Aroma Candles Without Fail?插图4How to Prolong the Life of Scented Candles

To enjoy scented candles for a longer period of time, we would like to introduce a method to prolong the life of scented candles. When enjoying candles as interior decorations, please be particular about where you place them and how you store them.

Be careful where you place aroma candles when using them

In most cases, aroma candles are placed in your room or living room to enjoy them as interior decorations. In such cases, it is recommended to place them in a suitable environment.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Avoid dry places
  • Windy place is also a no-no.

For example, if you place aroma candles directly under an air conditioner, direct wind may cause soot to be emitted when lit, and the smell will easily fly away. Direct sunlight can also cause fading if the candles are colored, so it is best to place them in the shade.

Light them for at least one hour and no more than two to three hours

When enjoying a lighted candle, it is important to avoid short or long periods of time. Repeating a short burn several times will cause only the center of the wick to melt, leaving only the surrounding wick. This will shorten the life of the aroma candle.

On the other hand, if you use a candle for a long time, more than three hours, the entire wax may melt and the candle may lose its shape. The change of candle melting is part of its charm, but be careful about the burning time, as the flame becomes larger and there is a risk of ignition. Suitable burning times are at least one hour and no more than two to three hours. This is the time when you can fully enjoy the aroma of aroma candles, so please use them before bedtime or during relaxation time at home.

How to Make Aroma Candles Without Fail?插图5

Since fragrance is the most important feature of aroma candles, you would like to hand make your own one-of-a-kind candles of your own choice. Since you can make your own aroma candles look and smell as you like, you can enjoy them not only as candles but also as interior decorations and fragrances.

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