You would like to use aroma candles to spend a wonderful time surrounded by fragrance, but you do not know how to use them. It would be ideal if you could quickly figure out what is candle used for and utilize them in a variety of situations. Here are some recommended ways to use aroma candles. We hope this article will help you empathize aroma candles in depth and pass happy time encircled by their wonderful fragrance.

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Aroma candles are items that can be used in various everyday situations, from a quick step to relaxing before bedtime. Here, we will introduce roughly selected patterns of recommended uses and fragrance combinations. We hope you will find them useful in your daily life.

When You Want To transfer your temper To your Room

What Is Candle Used For?插图1When you are working indoors, the aroma of olfactory property candles can be really useful for a change of pace. And when you want to refresh yourself, we recommend citrus or herb scented candles. For example, the fresh and sour scents of “grapefruit” and “lemon” are superior for changing your mood.

Peppermint and rosemary have a pleasantly cool scent and are ideal for clearing the head. Choose the aroma candle of your choice and refresh yourself in your room.

For Relaxing Time in the Bath

What Is Candle Used For?插图2Aroma candles can be used during bath time to unbosom the fatigue of the day and enhance the restful effect. We recommend “rose” and “jasmine” scents for aroma candles, which enhance a sense of well-being. If you point the candles in a stable place away from the water and dim the lights in the bath, you can enjoy a romantic moment surrounded by the sweet fragrance of flowers.

Aroma candles used in the bath should be made of carefully selected materials, considering that the aroma ingredients are unreflected through the skin. To enjoy bath time safely, choose a candle that is perfumed with essential oils rather than artificial fragrances, and is made of natural wax.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you wish to be in a closed room, so be sure to wrench on the exhaust fan. Also, be sure to use a bearer for the candles that is made of heat-resistant material. Even if you are in a bathroom, please take care to place other saucers on the floor, depending on where you aim them.

As Support Goods for Meditation

Aroma candles are also valuable as support goods for meditation, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Aroma candles are useful for creating a “place” for meditation by always having a certain scent in the air when meditating. The scented space will become a special place, separated from the usual daily routine.

We recommend using sandalwood, which has actually been used in India for meditation, or frankincense, which is said to have a calming effect. Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, these scented candles have a calming effect that relaxes both body and mind, and will help lead you into deep meditation. They are also recommended as aromatic bath scents for those who do not meditate.

Use at the Table Before a Meal or at a Party

What Is Candle Used For?插图3Aromatic candles are also useful at the dinner table or party table on special occasions. In such spaces, we recommend scents that subtly stimulate the appetite and at the same time do not interfere with the taste of the meal. Specifically, “orange sweet” and “mandarin,” which are sweet and friendly among citrus fruits, will help stimulate the appetite with their fruity scents.

Ginger, popular for its refreshing fragrance, can be expected to promote blood circulation, and “black pepper,” with its warm and spicy aroma, is said to warm the body before a meal, helping to enjoy a smooth meal. Candlelight that subtly illuminates the table also has the effect of making meals look more delicious, so if you have the opportunity, please take advantage of it.

There are some things to keep in mind here as well. When using aroma candles at a dining table or at a party, the aroma should be wafted before the meal, such as when enjoying an apéritif. Do not continue to use scented candles during the meal, as the fragrance may interfere with the meal.

As a Soothing Item Before Bedtime

What Is Candle Used For?插图4Aroma candles are also very effective as a soothing item before bedtime. It is said that looking directly at the flame of a candle has a healing effect, and if you choose a fragrance that has a relaxing effect, you can have a wonderful time before bedtime.

Lavender is recommended as an aroma candle to be used before going to bed, as it is highly effective in reducing anxiety and tension. Lavender is recognized to have more than 100 different effects, and in addition to relieving tension in the body and mind, it is said to be highly effective as an antibacterial and immune booster. Used before bedtime, its soothing fragrance will help you get a good night’s sleep.

As an Interior Decoration Item

What Is Candle Used For?插图5Aroma candles can be used as interior decorations without lighting. You can display your favorite candles as they are, or you can use “aroma wax bars,” which are gaining popularity as candles that release a pleasant aroma without the use of fire.

Similar to room fragrances, simply display an aroma wax bar in the space where you want the fragrance to waft, and many of these board-shaped candles are decorated with herbs and potpourri, etc., making them look and smell lovely. Once you find your favorite “Aroma Wax Bar,” why not decorate a corner of your room with aroma candles?

For Deodorizing a Room

Aroma candles can also be used to deodorize a room. Scents of aroma candles that can be used to deodorize include [eucalyptus], [lemongrass], and [mint], all of which are characterized by their high antibacterial effect. The antibacterial and germicidal components in the fragrance work against the growth of bacteria and purify the air. There are also aroma candles developed for “deodorizing,” and their use is also recommended.

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Now, maybe you know something about what is candle used for. When choosing scented candles, one should pay attention to the aromatic components of the scented candles. Different aromatic components have different effects. When choosing, you can also choose your favorite candles based on their desired effects. Rose has antidepressant and sedative properties, calming emotions, relieving potential stress, and releasing hormones that make you happy. It is suitable for women to place in their bedrooms to create a romantic atmosphere and a hormonal explosion.

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