How to Choose Aroma Candles?插图An aromatic candle that has a soothing effect with its flickering flame and pleasant scent. There are many different shapes, materials, and scents, so many people may be confused as to which one is right for them. In addition to popular brands such as L’Occitane, we sell many items with cute designs from overseas brands as well. Therefore, this time we want to introduce how to choose aroma candles.

Effects of aroma candles

Aroma candles have a relaxing setting with their perfume and unsteady flame. If you light an olfactory property candle in a dimly lit room with secondary lighting, you can undefined a relaxing time with the unrealistic unhorse of the flare and the scent of aroma. Unusual scents, such as lavender, rose, and lemongrass, have different sensations and effects, so you can use them depending on your mood.

It also has the effect of creating a room fragrance by burning odor-causing substances in the air. Smell candles are suggested for those who want to heal the tiredness of the process or those who want to relax and fall asleep comfortably.

How to Choose Aroma Candles?插图1How To Choose Aroma Candles

Aroma candles come in a wide range of sizes and designs, so you can not only choose based on the scent, but also the purpose of use and the room in which it will be used.

Depending on the material used, some products have air purifying effects that can be used as air fresheners or room fragrances. Here, we explain in detail how to choose an aroma candle, so please use it as a reference when choosing an aroma candle.

Choose the Type That Suits Your Purpose

Scented candles come in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, please choose the type that best suits your purpose, such as where you will use it or whether you want to carry it with you while traveling.

How to Choose Aroma Candles?插图2Use In The Bath

“Tea Light” is characterized by its smallest size among aroma candles. This type can be used as a floating candle in the bath, and is advisable for those who want to enjoy a relaxing bath time. The sunburn time is about 3 to 6 hours, so it’s a good idea to have a variety of scents and use them depending on your mood. The size is small, and the price is reasonable, so it’s perfect for those who are buying aroma candles for the first time.

Stylish Interior

”Gel candles” are made from gel wax and have a magnetic transparency. The candles are transparent, so you can see inside, and they are filled with artful materials such as seashells and dried flowers. Not only can you use it as an aroma candle, but you can also point it in your room or entrance as an interior decoration. You can feel the faint scent of an aroma candle without even lighting it. We also urge choosing a type where the decoration and the burning part are split so that you can enjoy the decoration of aroma candles for a long time.

Easy To Carry

Aroma candles that come in cans or glass jars come with lids, making them easy to carry. It is suitable for people who want to employ it while traveling or in various places around the house, including the bedroom, living room, and entryway. You can enjoy aroma candles by simply opening the lid, so there is no need to purchase a candleholder. Once you have used up the aroma candle, you can recycle it as a container for moderate items, which is nice and eco-friendly.

Choose By Material

How to Choose Aroma Candles?插图3There are different types of wax for aroma candles, such as soy wax and paraffin wax. The key point is that you pick out the one that best suits your usage situation, as each type has unusual burning methods and characteristics.

Soy Wax

“Soy wax” is an aroma candle made from soy oil. It is said to have the effect of purifying the air by removing impurities from it when burned. It has an air-purifying effect and is ideal for those who require aroma candles as an air freshener. Also, since it is derived from soybean oil and does not contain any chemicals, there is no need to worry about allergies. It is also highly biodegradable, making it an especially recommended material for those looking for eco-friendly aroma candles. It is rubber for those who need to use aroma candles in a room with children or pets. Of course, open fire is dangerous, so please keep it out of reach of children and pets.


How to Choose Aroma Candles?插图4“Beeswax” is a natural wax successful from refined beehives. It has a gentle perfume synonymous with flower nectar and is recommended for those who are looking for a calming perfume that is not harsh. They don’t produce much soot when burned, so if you’ve ever wound your throat or nose with aroma candles, you should definitely try them. It’s great that it’s soft to use in your room or bathroom because it won’t coat your ceiling with carbon black without you even realizing it.

Palm Wax

“Palm wax” is made from palm oil. It is characterized by the crystal pattern created by the slowly cooling system and solidifying warmed palm wax, and it is often used in cylindrical pillar candles and orthodox votive candles. There are also feather-type aroma candles that have a feather-like pattern, so you can choose your favorite pattern. When you light it, the crystal pattern looks fantastic, and you can spend some relaxing time. Another good thing about it is that it doesn’t create soot because it’s a natural ingredient.

How to Choose Aroma Candles?插图5

There are aroma candles that have the effect of removing impurities from the air, and ones that allow you to enjoy a nice scent without having to light them. You can choose according to the purpose, so it’s a good idea to consider what sort of view you want to use it for. There are aroma candles that are made of natural materials and do not create soot, so you can easily use them in your bath or room.

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