Meaning of Decorating Christmas Candles

Meaning of Decorating Christmas Candles插图What are Christmas candles? From its origin to the meaning of Advent and how to enjoy it, as well as how to make Christmas candle arrangements, how to decorate them, and how to practice table coordination, we will show you how to enjoy Christmas candles to the fullest.

Origin and meaning of Christmas candles

Christmas candles are candles that are lit at Christmas. They are lit and enjoyed not only on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, but also during the period of preparation for Christmas.
In the olden days, when gas and electricity were not widely available, candles were important lights that illuminated the space. The origin of this custom seems to be that people lit candles and spent Christmas in gentle light. Even today, when electric lighting has become widespread, the candlelight of Christmas remains special. There is also a theory that the light of the candles is compared to the love of Christ.

Meaning of Advent Christmas Candles

What is Advent?

Advent is the period of time that begins on the Sunday four weeks before Christmas and lasts until Christmas arrives. By the beginning of Advent, the decorations for Christmas are put up, and we look forward to Christmas with peace of mind.

What are Advent Christmas candles (Advent candles)?

Meaning of Decorating Christmas Candles插图1An Advent Christmas candle is a candle that is used to count down to Christmas. Four Advent Christmas candles are prepared. The first candle is lit on the first Sunday of Advent, the second candle is lit on the following Sunday, and so on, until all the candles are lit and Christmas Eve arrives.

How to choose advent candles

The key points when choosing an Advent candle are the “time you want to use it” and “burning time.” The same candle will be used up to 4 times, so please consider the burn time as a reference.
9” contemporary or 12” taper
The burn time for the 9” Contemporary is approximately 5 hours. Use it for 1 hour during the 1st to 3rd week and 2 hours during the 4th week.
The burn time for the 12” taper is approximately 7 hours. Use it for 1.5 hours during the 1st to 2nd week, and 2 hours during the 3rd to 4th week.

How to enjoy Advent Christmas candles

Meaning of Decorating Christmas Candles插图2Advent candles are placed in wreaths or arrangements and placed on the table for decoration. They are lit on Sundays at supper time when the family is together and everyone enjoys the time of waiting for Christmas. Advent Christmas candles do not necessarily need to be inserted into a wreath or arrangement. You can also enjoy using your favorite candleholders or candlesticks.
There are no rules about how long the candles are to be lit. They may be lit throughout dinner. Smaller candles may be lit for a short time and then quickly extinguished. Let’s enjoy the evening before Christmas by the gentle light of candles.

What is a Christmas candle arrangement?

A Christmas candle arrangement is a Christmas-like arrangement of conifers and berries with candles inserted. It can be displayed on the table for Christmas dinner. Four small Christmas candle arrangements can also be arranged as Advent candles.
There are no detailed rules for Christmas candle arrangements. You can use dried or fresh flowers. Be careful not to take your eyes off the candles once they are lit. It would be a disaster if the plants in the arrangement catch fire. Be careful to control the fire.

Recommended Christmas candle arrangements

Easy handmade Christmas candle arrangement

Meaning of Decorating Christmas Candles插图3Ingredients (plants)

  • Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)
  • Peacock Hiba
  • Blue ice
  • Leucadendron jade pearl
  • Gold colored nuts

Materials (base)

  • Floral foam (cut into 6 x 6 cm)
  • No. 3 pot saucer
  • Waterproof tape
  • Beeswax candles
  • wire #20

How to make

First, set the candle in the center of the floral foam that has absorbed enough water. By setting the candle first, the center will not shift and you can create a beautiful form. Then, set the greenery in a circular pattern at the bottom. Make an outline with the candle in the center, keeping in mind that the finished product will be a beautiful circle from all angles.

Next, once the outline is created, insert the greenery all the way to the foot of the candle. Assuming that the focal point is at the foot of the candle, insert the greenery in a radial pattern. Make sure that the floral foam is not visible. Be conscious of creating a three-dimensional effect.

Finally, after the greens have been inserted, insert the nuts. While turning the arrangement around and looking at it from various angles, apply the nuts evenly throughout the arrangement. When you have finished inserting the nuts, you are finished. If you like, you can also use designer wire or other materials to turn it around. Place it on the table and enjoy decorating it.

Flower candleholder

What to prepare

  • Several kinds of flowers of your choice
  • Empty jars
  • Twine
  • Masking tape
  • Candles

How to make

First, cut flowers to the height of the empty jar. Temporarily attach the tips of the stems to the empty bottle using masking tape at equal intervals. Then, wrap twine around the center of the empty bottle and tie it around the top of the flower. After that, remove the masking tape that has been temporarily attached. Finally, add more plants and flowers to the twine according to your desired volume, and you are done.

Picture-perfect candle arrangement

Meaning of Decorating Christmas Candles插图4The materials for the base are rosemary and a glass plate and cup that can hold water.

First, make a wreath with rosemary. Place it temporarily around the cup and determine the size of the wreath. Once the size is determined, make a small wreath by securing it with wire. Then, once the size is determined, make a small wreath by securing it with wire. You can use the simple decoration above, but add flowers and leaves. In this case, I decorated it with small pieces of hydrangea and wild strawberry leaves. After decorating, fill the plate with a small amount of water, just enough to touch the stem tips to the water.

Meaning of Decorating Christmas Candles插图2
Why not decorate Christmas candles this year? Decorate them even before Christmas arrives to get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas candles will brighten up your table. It will also improve your table decorating skills.

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