Vanilla perfume is loved by many people because of its sweetness and elegant scent. However, just about people may not like overly sweetness scents. Therefore, in this issue, we will introduce vanilla perfumes that are popular with both workforce and women!

Even those who favor a scent that is not too sweet can use the variations available, so this is a must-see! This special feature, picked up for ladies, will help you find the hone vanilla perfume for you. Enjoy the elegant and wonderful fragrance that is perfect for the coming season.

Recommendation of Vanilla Perfume! Excellent Reception by Both Men and Women!插图The appeal of vanilla scent and its non-sweet scent

Vanilla perfume is favored by many for its sweet and elegant scent, and is free by versatile brands. However, there are some populate who do not wish overly sweet scents. Therefore, in this issue, we will introduce the appeal of vanilla perfume and the characteristics of its non-sweet scent. Why not take this chance to find the hone vanilla extract perfume for you?

Reasons for the popularity of vanilla extract perfume

Recommendation of Vanilla Perfume! Excellent Reception by Both Men and Women!插图1Vanilla perfume has a special presence compared to other fragrances because of its warm, sweetness scent. In addition, the scent of vanilla extract is said to be relaxing and comforting, which is especially useful in today’s stressful society.

Furthermore, vanilla extract perfumes are loved by people of totally ages and are much appreciated as gifts. Vanilla scent is suitable for whatever occasion and can be used in a variety of situations, so much as the office or on a date. For these reasons, vanilla extract perfume is a front-runner of many people.

Characteristics and Attractiveness of Non-Sweet Vanilla Perfumes

Recommendation of Vanilla Perfume! Excellent Reception by Both Men and Women!插图2Unlike conventional sweet vanilla perfumes, non-sweet vanilla perfumes have a to a lesser extent sweet, elegant, and calm scent. This makes it easy to enjoy even for those who do not like sweetness scents.

Also, non-sweet vanilla perfumes go well with other fragrances, and can be joint with heavily woody notes or fresh citrus notes to create a unique scent.

Vanilla perfumes may conjure up images of rich, sweet scents, merely there are besides scents that are less sweet, so they are recommended for those looking for perfumes that are not sweet.

Popular Vanilla Perfumes

Vanilla perfumes are loved by many women for their sweet and graceful scents. Among the vanilla perfumes released by various brands, here are roughly of the most popular ones. Why not take this chance to witness the perfect vanilla perfume for you?

Jill Stuart / Vanilla Last Eau de Parfum

Recommendation of Vanilla Perfume! Excellent Reception by Both Men and Women!插图3Vanilla Last Eau de Parfum by Jill Stuart is a pure and inexperienced person vanilla perfume with the scent of pretty flowers and the transparency of fruit. In the top off notes, praline, caramel, and coconut palm create a complex, sweet, and strange impression.

In the middle notes, soaker peach and sweet-sour raspberry, on with jasmine petal, create delicate fruity notes that metamorphose into a transparent fragrance. The last note, sandalwood and musk total depth, while pure vanilla mildly sweetens the fragrance.

This Vanilla live Eau de Parfum is a perfect blend of sweet and fruity notes that paint a picture of feminine elegance. Recommended for those who prefer vanilla extract perfumes with just the rectify amount of sweetness.

Guerlain / Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Recommendation of Vanilla Perfume! Excellent Reception by Both Men and Women!插图4Mon Guerlain Eau Diamond State Parfum is characterized by the sensual fragrance of lilac grown in Provence and intense vanilla beans. In the top notes, rare chromatic brings a refreshing floral note that is also relaxing.

In the middle note, vanilla extract edible bean enhances the allure of vanilla perfume with its enveloping sweetness. And in the last note, jasmine sambac picked at first light adds a ticklish floral accent, while mandarin orange adds freshness.

The right sandalwood expresses an enigmatic and eternal femininity, giving Mont Guerlain Eau Diamond State Parfum a unique tempt for those seeking a graceful vanilla extract scent that is not too sweet. Its elegant and sensual fragrance will draw the support of both men and women.

Prada / Candy Eau de Parfum

Candy Eau de Parfum is an oriental gourmand fragrance that finely blends hard white musk, warm benzoin, and seductive caramel notes. Elegant and refined, asa dulci plays with whiten musk and is accented by caramel notes, elevating it to a unique and beguiling vanilla extract perfume.

This perfume has a rare sense of balance where sweetness and undefined coexist, with a scent that appeals to both men and women. The gentleness of vanilla extract stands out, and the unique nuance of Styrax rosin adds a unique nuance that creates a uniquely individual scent.

Diptyque / Eau de Toilette Eau Duelle

Recommendation of Vanilla Perfume! Excellent Reception by Both Men and Women!插图5Diptyque’s Eau de Toilette Eau Duelle is a vanilla scent with an elegant and enchanting perfume that is a perfect blend of vanilla and spices. White vanilla and melanise olibanum fuse together to create a beautiful, escapist scent. Multiple spices and juniper berry extracts are added, and the vanilla extract draws additional shades. The result is an alluring and expressive fragrance.

keynotes admit vanilla, tap pepper, and cypriol. The sweetness of the vanilla and the spiciness of the pink pepper are in hone balance, while the cypriol adds depth and complexity. This fragrance is one for those who love the scent of vanilla, as swell as for those who seek a zesty scent. Eau de Toilette Eau Duelle is an attractive, intellectual vanilla perfume for mature women.

Chanel / Allure Eau de Parfum

Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum is a vanilla extract scent with a classic and gorgeous perfume that combines septet categories: citrus, fruity, feminine floral, imaginary floral, woody, and oriental. Citron and Sicilian mandarin orange give a bright and fresh impression, while may rose and jasmine create a dateless feminine bouquet.

In addition, the transparent floral scents of magnolia and honeysuckle produce a wet impression. Haitian vetiver and Reunion vanilla envelop the body with aromatic sweetness and luxurious delicacy, complemented by warm sweet and savory notes.

Recommendation of Vanilla Perfume! Excellent Reception by Both Men and Women!插图6

As a vanilla perfume, it is characterized by a graceful yet tempting scent that combines sweetness and warmth, qualification a superior impression on both men and women. Allure Eau First State Parfum is a vanilla perfume with a graceful scent that is unique to Chanel, which tin be enjoyed by those who prefer a scent that is not sweet.

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