Lighting for Christmas! Search Your Christmas Candles In Here!

Lighting for Christmas! Search Your Christmas Candles In Here!插图December is a busy month as we head toward the end of the year. In the midst of all this, Christmas is coming, a time when everyone is excited and full of joy! Some of you will be spending the holidays with family, loved ones, and friends, while others will be working as usual this Christmas because it falls on a weekday. In this issue, we would like to introduce aroma candles that will enliven the Christmas scene with beautiful light and good fragrance. We hope you will find a light suitable for the holy night.

For those who plan to spend a solemn night with family

Lighting for Christmas! Search Your Christmas Candles In Here!插图1The famous Parisian fragrance house “diptyque” has released a limited-edition Christmas candle.

Three scents created by reinterpreting traditional winter scents will create a spectacular Christmas season. The red candle “Biscuit,” inspired by Christmas desserts, gives off dense patchouli and spicy essences over time. The blue candle “Flocon” has a sweet and romantic scent of mimosa, a winter flower, crossed with white musk. The green candle “Sapin,” which expresses the fresh scent of pine forests, has a warm woody note that reminds one of a “fire in the fireplace” when lit.

Why not light it at home with your family at Christmas to bring good luck to your beloved family members? The bottles of these limited-edition candles are made of real gold. The bottles of these limited-edition candles are made of real gold with a bright enamel finish reminiscent of malachite, lapis lazuli, and cornelian, making them truly special!

The “carousel,” a candle accessory to be enjoyed with the candles, is as well-disposed to as a coffret set with the fragrance candles. When the candle is lit, the scintillation carousel spins around and around, creating a high-quality, relaxing time.

For those who want to spend a romantic time with their lover

Lighting for Christmas! Search Your Christmas Candles In Here!插图2Wood Wick candles have a unique mechanism that makes a crackling sound in an open fireplace. The candles are likewise blended with scene oil, so you can enjoy their natural and gentle fragrance.

We recommend the most popular “Lavender Spa” scent. With the essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus, you can enjoy the quiet feeling of an organism in a spa. When you light the candles and close your eyes, you will hear the sound of crackling wood burning and feel as if you are relaxing in front of a fireplace. This candle is perfect for a romantic Christmas night spent exhausted shoulder to shoulder with your dearest married person while your organism is enveloped in a strip of redolence that relaxes the soul.

For a Christmas party with guests

ROSY RINGS candles are characterized by their voluptuous appearance and generous use of dried plants and fruits. Then they are appreciated by those who do not like strong scents, as they allow you to enjoy the natural bouquet of the original ingredients.

The catchy and stylish search makes it perfect for Christmas parties with guests. They are certainly meant to add a touch of glamour to your postponed decorations. Among the rich lineup of fragrances, we urge Stinker Blossom Out and Lycée, which offer the best balance of novelty and warmth.

Also, check out the seasonal workers, redcurrant and cranberry! It has a deep and rich aroma blended with cranberry, red clove, and is perfect for Christmas and the vacation season.

For a casual Christmas with friends

MICHEL DESIGN WORKS” is a popular brand for its elegantly scented candles and well-designed packaging that looks like a jewelry box. Then the limited-edition Christmas candles released every year attract attention for their gorgeous graphics, and they are such a popular item that they have attracted a number of collectors in Japan. These holiday treats have a sweet and nostalgic fragrance reminiscent of the cookies that are displayed at Christmas, which will make you smile.

The casual yet graceful scent is perfect for Christmas scenes, enjoyed with your favorite friends who you love to be with. I also have a candle of this brand, and I like it very much because the stylish packaging makes it look good in the interior, and it smells soft and nice even if it is not lit.

For those who want to enjoy the countdown to Christmas

Lighting for Christmas! Search Your Christmas Candles In Here!插图3KLINTA” is a brand born in a small town in Sweden. The item introduced here is an advent candle to enjoy the countdown to Christmas. The melted wax can be used as massage oil!

Massage candles are still not very familiar in Japan, but they are very popular in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. The only ingredients used in these candles are rapeseed oil, soy wax, and essential oils. Moreover, since Klinta candles are made of high-quality organic materials, they dissolve at low temperatures.

Therefore, you only need to extinguish the flame and wait for a few moments before you can touch them with your fingers. Massage gently with the warm, gradually warming oil, and you will feel the moisturizing and relaxing effects to your heart’s content.

Also, don’t miss the limited-edition Christmas Winter Sweet scent. The sweet citrus scent is defined by spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves. This scent is a symbol of Christmas in Sweden. This is the item of choice for those who want to achieve body care while happily counting down the days until Christmas Day.

For those who want to spend the Holy Night alone and relax

Lighting for Christmas! Search Your Christmas Candles In Here!插图4“Parks” is a candle brand born in England, the home of aroma. It is loved by celebrities, including famous stores and high-class hotels in various countries.

Since only the finest natural essential oils are gathered from all over the world, they are not mass-produced, and are famous as candles that are hard to find. The elegant and sophisticated scents, reminiscent of social gatherings, are carefully blended one by professional perfumers.

This Aromatherapy Candle Vanilla has an impressive scent with a classical and gentle tone. It is a perfect candle for the holy night when you are taking care of yourself after a year of hard work.

Lighting for Christmas! Search Your Christmas Candles In Here!插图5

What do you think? We have introduced aroma candles that add color to Christmas. Each candle is unique and has a wonderful aroma! If you are reading this article now, with whom and what kind of Christmas will you celebrate? I wish you a memorable Holiday. And I sincerely wish you a wonderful Holy Night with pure snow falling on your doorstep.

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