Make Your Own Botanical Candles With Perfect Candles Making

Candles and candles look the same at first glance, but there are differences in raw materials and the way they smoke. Depending on the length and type of wick, candles are generally made mainly from petroleum-derived raw materials, while candles are made mainly from plant-derived raw materials, so candles have a larger flame and are harder to extinguish.

And why not enjoy handmade candles? Here are some basic knowledge about candles, including types and shapes.

Make Your Own Botanical Candles With Perfect Candles Making插图Types of Candles

There are many types of candles. The main differences are the type of wax and the shape. Let us introduce each of them.

Differences by wax type

In addition to paraffin wax, the most common type of wax used to make candles, there are beeswax, which is made from wax secreted by bees, gel wax, which is a transparent gel wax derived from petroleum, and soy wax, which is made from soybeans.

Differences in Candle Shapes

Candles come in a variety of shapes. Simple round, triangular, and square candles, which have been widely used for centuries, are called “basic candles.

On the other hand, candles with special shapes such as hearts, animals, and food are called “motif candles. Recently, “glass candles” in cans or ceramic containers and “floating candles” floating on water are also gaining popularity.

Make Your Own Botanical Candles With Perfect Candles Making插图1Materials and tools required for candle making


  • Ingredients
  • Paraffin wax 190g
  • 10 g microwax
  • Dried flowers in moderation
  • 1 base candle
  • Silicone spray or salad oil, as needed
  • Pigment (white), as needed


  • 1 acrylic mold
  • IH heater
  • Enameled pot or cup
  • Thermometer
  • 1 splittable chopsticks or bamboo skewers
  • Tissue paper
  • Bat or cookie sheet
  • Pliers, if available
  • Pot glove if available

Candles can be used as the base of the candles. However, if the wick is about 1 cm in diameter, it may not be stable and may fall over during the process.

It is a good idea to use 100-yen stores for both materials and tools.

How to make stylish Christmas candles

We will show you how to make candles that are perfect for Christmas, using mainly “pepperberries,” which have cute bright red berries. You can easily make them at home, so please take a look at them and give it a try.

As a preliminary preparation before starting to make candles, we recommend that you lay out newspaper or imitation paper on your workbench to prevent stains; it is also a good idea to cover the area around the induction heater and the panel with plastic wrap. Once the preparations are complete, you can start working.

Make Your Own Botanical Candles With Perfect Candles Making插图2Coat the candle molds with oil

Spray the molds with silicone spray so that the candles will release from the molds. If you do not have a sprayer, drizzle a small amount of salad oil on a tissue paper and apply it evenly.

Place the base candle or candles into the mold

Place the base candle or candles in the center of the acrylic mold. Make sure the gap around it is even.

Fill the mold with dried flowers

Fill the gap between the candle and the mold with dried flowers. Adjust the amount to your liking. Use a splittable spoon or bamboo skewer to balance the placement.

Make Your Own Botanical Candles With Perfect Candles Making插图3Melt the wax at low temperature

In an enamel pot or cup, melt the paraffin wax, microwax, and pigments. The key is to melt them slowly at a low temperature; try to keep the temperature between 90-95°C. It will get hot very quickly, but be careful not to let it get above 120°C (120°F).

Pouring the wax into the mold

Pour the melted wax into the mold. It is easier to pour the wax into the mold if you pour it over the wick of the base candle. Fill the mold until the candle is well covered. At this point, the wick should protrude at least 7 mm. If the flower material starts to float, push it into the mold with a splittable end or remove it so that the flower material does not come to rest on top of the base candle.

Allow to cool and remove from the mold

Allow to cool at room temperature for 2 hours before removing from the mold. If it is difficult to remove from the mold, refrigerate for another 30 minutes to make it easier to release from the mold. Wipe the top surface with a tissue to make it look neat, and you are done.

Make Your Own Botanical Candles With Perfect Candles Making插图4Tips and cautions for making beautiful candles

Place the wax for the base in the center, melt the wax at a low temperature (90-95℃), and when pouring in the melted wax, push in or properly remove any floating flower material. Anyone should be able to create beautiful candles by following these instructions.

If you are concerned about the unevenness at the top of the finished candle, heat the melted wax at a low temperature (75°C), pour it gently over the top, and smooth it out with a splittable spoon or bamboo skewer.

More three-dimensional and colorful

By adding a little more work to the finished candle, you can accentuate the three-dimensional effect of the dried flowers. You can enjoy more vivid colors. To prepare in advance, spray a bat with silicone spray or spread a cookie sheet. Here are the detailed steps

Make Your Own Botanical Candles With Perfect Candles Making插图5Dip the candles into the melted wax

Once the wax has been melted in an enameled pot or cup, heat it to 110°C and set it to the keep warm setting, hold the wick of the finished candle and gently dip it in. At this point, do not soak to the top. If the wick is short, be careful not to burn yourself by clipping it with pliers. Melt the wax around the dried flowers by inserting and removing the wick several times until the dried flowers float to the surface.

Cool thoroughly

Place on a bat or cookie sheet to cool, and when the wax around the dried flowers hardens, it is ready to use. The color of the dried flowers becomes more vivid and the surface of the candle has a three-dimensional effect. You can try this if you like, depending on your preference for the finished product.

Make Your Own Botanical Candles With Perfect Candles Making插图6

The best thing about making your own candles is that you can make them smell just the way you like them. Candles can be combined in countless combinations, so you are free to create any kind of arrangement you like! If you get interested in making candles, we recommend changing the materials of your candles!

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