Candle Making: Easy Way to Make Handmade Candles!!!

Candles are stylish items that are not only enjoyed by lighting them, but are also suitable for interior decoration! In this issue, we introduce the charm of handmade candles and how to make them, from simple and easy candles to those with a bit of a twist! Since materials and tools are readily available, let’s make your favorite candles with the help of recipes!

Candle Making: Easy Way to Make Handmade Candles!!!插图How to make basic candles

This section introduces the basic method of making handmade candles. Let’s start with the basics!

Comb the candle

First, break a candle into pieces and put them in a bowl. Next, place the bowl in a pot of boiling water and melt the candle using a hot water bath.

Take out the candle wick

When the candle melts, it becomes a clear liquid, and the candle wick (white string) will come out. The white string is used as the wick, so do not throw it away! The string is hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.

If you need a long wick to make tall candles or a short wick to make many small candles, you can substitute octopus strings. If you do not have octopus thread, a thin piece of twisted tissue paper can be used in place of the wick!

Candle Making: Easy Way to Make Handmade Candles!!!插图1Color with crayons

Cut crayons with a cutter. The crayons will dissolve more easily if they are sharpened with a cutter. After sharpening, melt the crayon in boiling water to add color to the candle. When boiling water, it is recommended that the heat of the pot be low. Melting over an open flame may cause ignition, so be sure to melt the candle by boiling over hot water.

Fill the mold with candles

Place the wick in the center of the paper cup and pour the melted candle into the paper cup. Make a hole in the bottom of the paper cup, put the wick through the hole, and cover the bottom with duct tape.

Next, place the wick between the disposable chopsticks and bridge the disposable chopsticks to the opposite bottom of the paper cup so that the wick is in the center of the paper cup. Once secured, pour the liquid from the candle into the paper cup. At this point, be careful not to let the candle get on the disposable chopsticks! Leave it as it is for 1 to 2 hours.

Remove the candle from the mold

The last step is to finish the process. When the candle has hardened, remove the wick from the disposable chopsticks and disassemble the paper cup with scissors. When the candle comes out of the paper cup, adjust the length of the wick to complete the process!

How to make beautiful gradation candles

Candle Making: Easy Way to Make Handmade Candles!!!插图2Gradation candles look all at once more gorgeous than single-color candles. They are easy to make and can be easily assembled by using the basic materials for the candles introduced above!

Melt the candle and the first crayon

Similar to the basic candle making method, boil one candle in hot water and pour it into the mold.

Melt the candle and the second crayon

After pouring the first candle, immediately start working on the second candle! The process is the same as for the first candle, but the timing for pouring the second candle should be after the first candle has hardened.

Finishing touches

When the second candle is completely hardened, remove the split end from the wick and disassemble the paper cup with scissors. Once the candle is removed from the paper cup, prepare the wick and finish!

How to make cute marble candles

Candle Making: Easy Way to Make Handmade Candles!!!插图3Compared to gradient candles, marble candles have a pop and cute look. This candle can also be easily made by adding crayons and paper cups to the basic materials.

Making two colors of candle solution at the same time

The method for making candle wax is the same as the basic method. Marble candles are created using two different colored candles at the same time. Since they harden quickly, melt both colors at the same time!

Pour the melted candle into the mold

As in the basic method, after setting the wick in a paper cup, pour the melted candle into the mold. Add one color at a time, keeping in mind where you want the second color to marble. If you want the marble to show well, it is best to start from the edge of the mold!

Creating the marble pattern

After the candles of the two colors have been inserted, use a toothpick to mix the two colors where they meet to create a marbled pattern.

Finishing work

Once the candles have hardened, remove the split ends from the white string and adjust the length to complete the process!

Since marble candles are made by drawing patterns, heat-resistant molds that allow the inside to be seen are recommended, but they can also be made in the same way in paper cups. When using paper cups, remove the wick from the splitter when the candle is hardened, as in the case of basic candles, and use scissors to dismantle the paper cup. Cut the wick short and you are done!

How to make transparent gel candles

Candle Making: Easy Way to Make Handmade Candles!!!插图4Gel candles are candles finished with a transparent material called gel wax. It has a jelly-like texture that is pleasant to the touch, and can be made as if you were making candy jelly. Unlike regular paraffin wax, gel wax is a clear material, making it possible to create beautiful candles that look as if they are objects in water.

Prepare the candle wick

Set the candle wick, which is fixed between disposable chopsticks, by bridging it to the glass container.

Decorate the glass container

Decorate the glass container with colored sand, seashells, and other materials for decoration, based on your image of the finished product.

Melting the gel wax

There are two ways to melt gel wax: by boiling water and by induction heating. Be careful not to melt it over an open flame, as the temperature may rise too high and there is a risk of ignition.

Pour the gel wax into the container and wait until it hardens

Pour the gel wax into the container you have decorated little by little.

Finishing touches

Cut the candle wick with scissors and adjust the length.

Candle Making: Easy Way to Make Handmade Candles!!!插图5

Although handmade candles may seem difficult, they can actually be made easily at home. Many of the necessary tools can be found at home, and materials are inexpensive, so anyone can get started right away! Why not try making candles on your day off for your upcoming camping trip?

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