Candles are very popular as a handcraft that soothes both the mind and body just by staring at the flame. Making candles may sound very difficult, but it is actually very easy. In this article, we will introduce the types of candles that can be made at home, their materials, and how to make them easily, even for beginners.

How to Make Candles at Home?插图Types of Candles You Can Make at Home

Color candles

Color candles are colorfully colored candles. Since candles are usually made of white material, colorful candles can be made to look beautiful by coloring them. You can use special coloring materials, but we recommend crayons. By melting leftover crayons into candles, you can easily create colorful candles.

Aroma candles

Aroma candles are candles with added fragrance. When lit, they emit a nice fragrance and can be used as a relaxing product. Aroma candles can be easily made by combining candle materials and essential oils of your choice to create candles with the scent of your choice.

Gradient candles, marble candles, botanical candles

How to Make Candles at Home?插图1If you want to create even more spectacular candles, gradient candles and marble candles are recommended. Gradient candles are candles that are layered with colorful materials to emphasize the gradation of colors. Marble candles, on the other hand, have an attractive marble pattern with movement. Other candles, such as botanical candles with dried flowers and dried fruits, are easy ways to add a touch of glamour.

Materials for Candle Making

The materials needed to make candles can be easily purchased at retail stores. First of all, you will need candles as materials. If you want to color the candles, you will need paper cups or other containers that can be used as molds for crayon candles of your favorite colors.

Other than that, a pot to put the candles in a hot water bath and a splittable chopstick to hold the wick in place are also useful.

How to Make Candles at Home?插图2How to make candles

To make candles, first boil water and put the candles in a bowl or other container. When the candle melts, only the wick remains.

Then, shave the crayon and mix it with the melted candle.

The wick is then placed in a paper cup or other container. At this point, the wick can be easily secured in the center of the candle by placing it between two splittings.

All that remains is to pour the melted candle into the paper cup and wait for the candle to cool down for about 1 to 2 hours. After that, break the paper cup to complete the process. Note that at this point, even though the candle is solid on the surface, the inside may still be soft. In such cases, taking the candle out of the container may deform it or cause burns, so take your time and let the candle cool.

How to make aroma candles

The difference between an aroma candle and a regular candle is whether aroma oil or essential oil is added. In this case, the oil should be added only after the candle is fully melted. Otherwise, the oil will be unevenly distributed and the fragrance will not be evenly distributed.

Also, when adding oil, pay attention to the temperature of the candle. If the temperature is too high, the oil will volatilize quickly and the fragrance will quickly fade. Allow the candle to cool slightly before adding the oil. Be careful not to add too much oil. It is not uncommon for people to add too much oil, so it is best to start out a little conservative.

How to make gradient candles

How to Make Candles at Home?插图3To make a gradient candle, it is necessary to combine several colors.

First, melt the first candle and add the first color crayon. Pour the melted candle into a paper cup with the wick up, just like a regular candle. Once the first candle has hardened, melt the second candle. If the second color is poured before the first has hardened, the colors will mix.

If you want to add more colors, repeat the process for the third and fourth colors to complete the gradation candle. At this point, tall paper cups can be used to create candles with a more gradient effect.

How to make marble candles

To make marble candles, melt the candles and crayons separately for each color. At this time, it is not necessary to add a wick yet. After each color has hardened to a certain degree, cut it into small pieces using a cutter or similar tool.

Next, set the wick in a paper cup, etc., and fill it with the colored candles you just made. Finally, pour in the melted candles without color, and once solidified, the colored candles will slowly melt, completing the colorful marble candles.

How to Make Candles at Home?插图4How to make botanical candles

To make botanical candles, you will need to make two types of candles, one inside and one outside.

First, use a small paper cup or similar object to make the inner candle, which will be the center of the candle.

Once the inner candle is made, place it in a larger paper cup and fill in the gaps with dried flowers or dried fruits of your choice. This will be the decoration of the botanical candle that can be seen from the outside. Using bamboo skewers or tweezers, even beginners can easily create the desired decoration.

Once the decorations are created, melted candles are poured into the gaps. When the candles harden, the botanical flower is complete.

Other Original Candles

Use your favorite cans and jars

How to Make Candles at Home?插图5The first recommended method is to use your favorite can or shaker instead of a paper cup. This method not only gives the candle a stylish look at a glance but also eliminates the need for a candle holder to catch the fusible wax when lighting the candle, making it easy to use anywhere. If you employ glass jars, be sure to use heat-resistant ones to prevent them from breaking due to heat.

Adding textual matter or images to plain candles

Plain candles can be made pleasant by adding text or images to them. First, print the text or image on the paper used for wrapping. Then, the thin paper is attached to the part of the candle you want to transfer, and a cookie sheet is placed on top of it and heated with a hair dryer. Then, slowly peel off the wallpaper to transpose the text and images.

Adding scents other than aroma

Aromatic oils are the standard for scented candles, but it is also possible to sum up scents using food. For example, coffee, spices, vanilla beans, and coconut anoint can be simply mixed into candles to create a nice-smelling candle. The candles will have an unusual stamp from the aroma oil.

How to Make Candles at Home?插图6

Candle making may seem difficult at first, but once you try it, you will be surprised at how easy it is. The materials are easy to prepare, so if you are interested, why not give it a try?

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