Are Candles Bad For Cats?插图Many people may say, “I love the nice aroma of aroma candles and always feel healed at home”. Aroma candles come in a variety of scents, such as flowers and fruits. But that is for humans. Some of you may have heard that flowers are dangerous for cats, but what about scented candles scented with flowers?

In this article, we will discuss the dangers that scented candles pose to cats.

Candle Ingredients and Dangers

Are Candles Bad For Cats?插图1Most candles sold in the market are made from “paraffin wax,” which is derived from petroleum. In fact, candles made from this petroleum-based paraffin wax diffuse toxic substances during combustion, which are harmful to cats.

When paraffin candles are burned, the toxic substances in the smoke that comes out of them can cause air pollution, asthma, allergies, and respiratory tract irritation. The paraffin itself is not dangerous (in fact, it is used as an ingredient in cosmetics), but the smoke from the candle when it is lit to us.

Of course, for human adults, the amount of toxic substances is not so great that it would immediately affect their bodies, but for small cats, the danger increases as the toxic substances quickly circulate in their bodies. Families with small children should also be careful.

Candle wicks should also be used with caution. If lead or metal wicks are used, they will also diffuse into the air during combustion.

Dangers of Aroma

Are Candles Bad For Cats?插图2Candles that use aroma oils in the wax are very soothing when lit, but these aroma oils can be very dangerous to cats.

Cats are complete carnivores and have little ability to digest or decompose plants that enter their bodies. Aroma oils are a concentrated mixture of these incompatible plants, and may be more dangerous for cats than fresh flowers.

Plant-derived ingredients in aromas that would be fine in other animals may not be broken down and remain in the cat’s system, causing poisoning. Cats have thinner skin than humans, so even the smallest amount of an ingredient can be absorbed into the cat’s system.

Furthermore, cats groom their fur frequently, so even a small amount of an ingredient on their fur can be absorbed into the body quickly. For humans, aromas have a variety of physical and mental benefits, but for cats, they are not only beneficial, they are toxic.

There are often books and facilities that claim to offer herbal treatment and aromatherapy for pets. I am not an expert, so I can’t say for sure, but I think it is better to be aware that there are dangers.

Candles made from wax of natural origin are safe to use

Are Candles Bad For Cats?插图3Through my research, I found out that there are waxes for candles that are made from natural sources other than petroleum. Candles made from this natural wax do not release toxic substances into the air when lit, and can be used safely even by families with small children or pets.

Soy wax

As the name suggests, soy wax is a plant-derived wax made from soybeans. It is a health-friendly candle that does not emit toxic substances, soot, or smoke. Soy candles also burn at a lower temperature. This means that the flame does not get too hot and the light is very gentle. Since they burn slowly, they can be enjoyed longer than candles made of paraffin wax.

Beeswax wax

This wax is refined from beehives. It has a sweet aroma because it is derived from bees. The flame is a soft orange color and has an excellent healing effect. Candles made of beeswax wax are said to keep the air you breathe clean by protecting dust and mold from dissolving into the air when lit. Not only is there no unpleasant smell of soot or smoke, but the air is also cleaner! Beeswax is used in cosmetics that you would actually put on your skin, such as lip balm and hand cream, so its safety is well documented.

Recommended Aroma Candle Brands


Are Candles Bad For Cats?插图4Diptyque” is known as a long-established fragrance brand. The brand is highly popular in Japan and around the world. The key point of Diptyque’s aroma candles is that you can enjoy their mellow and pleasant fragrance. The deep fragrance blended with Diptyque’s own original recipe is appealing. The glass containing the aroma candles is well-designed and recommended for interior decoration. The candle is available in several sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits the place where you want to place it.


It is a fragrance brand that produces a variety of products such as perfumes, room fragrances, and bath oils, in addition to aroma candles. JO MALONE scented candles are popular for their simple yet luxurious designs. They can be enjoyed just by displaying them as interior decorations. Many of their products have elegant and high-quality fragrances, and are recommended as scented candles for gifts.

Wood Wick

Are Candles Bad For Cats?插图5Wood Wick, a brand born in the United States, specializes in the production of aroma candles. They are popular for their new concept items that stimulate various senses. The candles are made of soft wax and wooden wicks of a unique formula, and when lit, they make a crackling sound that reminds one of a fireplace. The pleasant fragrance, mainly of essential oils, changes over time like a perfume. Present it as a gift, and you can enjoy it carefully using your eyes, nose, and ears.


L’Occitane is a cosmetics brand that began in 1976 and offers functional products that are considerate to both people and the earth, such as using many organic plants. The candles are inspired by the atmosphere of Provence, a beautiful resort area, and give off a deep and gentle fragrance. The stylish design, which combines natural tastes with modern elements, is also a great gift idea.

Are Candles Bad For Cats?插图6

Many aroma candles are dangerous for cats, but there are of course some that are safe for cats. A wide variety of products exist, including those with luxurious designs, those made from natural materials, and those that can be floated in water. Each product has a different scent, material, and size, so please try to find the aroma candle that suits your taste.

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