Wicks Of Candles: What You Need Know For Halloween

Candle making is a very popular hobby that even beginners can easily try. The secret behind the popularity of candles is that you can pay close attention to detail when making them by hand, but one of the difficult things when making candles by hand is the type of wick and how to choose it. What points should you consider when choosing a wick of a handmade candle? This time, we will introduce the differences between the different types and the points to consider when choosing a candle wick.

Wicks Of Candles: What You Need Know For Halloween插图What is a candle wick?

When it comes to candle wicks, there are actually many different types. First of all, what role does the candle wick play? Also, what difference does the type make?

The Part That Lights the Fire

The wick of a candle is the part that lights the fire, but the wick is not actually burning when the candle burns.

The role of the candle wick is to suck up the liquid wax. When wax is heated by fire, it becomes a liquid, but if it continues to be heated further, it becomes a gas. In fact, it is this gaseous wax that burns in a candle.Wicks Of Candles: What You Need Know For Halloween插图1

However, if you try it, you will find that even if you bring a match or other flame close to the wax, the part will not burn, it will just melt and it will not turn into gas.

In other words, the candle wick plays the role of sucking up the liquid wax and turning it into gas.

Where It Sticks out like a Thread

Many people think of candle wicks as something like octopus’string. As explained earlier, this is due to its role in making it easier to absorb the liquid wax. You can actually use octopus’thread as a substitute for the wick.

However, although the octopus’thread can absorb wax, it cannot effectively convert it into gas. Another disadvantage of using octopus string is that it tends to produce soot when lit. Therefore, when using it as a wick, it is best to purchase one made specifically for it.

You Can Buy It at Home Centers

Candle wicks can be purchased at home centers and online shops.

What you need to be careful about is whether it contains ingredients other than cotton. For example, if it contains metals such as lead, those ingredients can turn harmful substances and unfold into the ventilate when ignited.

In addition, synthetic fibers can besides make pernicious substances, so it is safest to choose organic materials if possible.

Types of Candle Wicks

Wicks Of Candles: What You Need Know For Halloween插图2H Wick

If you look for a candle wick at a place melioration store, the most common one is named an “H wick.” H wicks are secondhand in small to medium-sized candles, and are sometimes called “flat wicks” because of their flat shape.

H wick is a type that is made of woven cotton, and thither are various types such as those that use cotton as it is and those that are bleached.

It is a great deal used in handmade candles and is the  most popular wick in terms of size.

D Wick (Round Wick)

The D wick is used for medium to large sized candles. It is characterized by the topple of the wick curling upward as it burns, and as it curves toward the highest temperature of the flame, it is used when you want to spread the flame beautifully. It is also called a “round wick” because of the form of the wick, which is flatbed on one side, and is much used in large candles for parties and weddings, so it can be considered a wick for professionals.

Special Color Wick

Colored wick literally refers to a colored candle wick. Normal candle wicks are often white, but for those used for interior decoration, colored wicks give the candle a distinct personality, so it is used in small to medium-sized original candles. The wick is similar to the H wick, so it is easy to handle and is popular among people whose hobby is making candles.

Wicks Of Candles: What You Need Know For Halloween插图3Wood Wick

A wood wick is a wooden candle wick, also known as a “wood wick.” Woodwick makes a crackling sound as it burns, giving it a unique bonfire-like feel. If you are making an original candle, this may be the wick you want to use at least once.

How to choose a wick

Small to Medium Sized Candle → H Wick

If you want to make small to medium sized candles, we recommend the H wick. If you are making candles at home, an H wick is the optimal size in most cases, so it is a good idea to choose an H wick when choosing a wick for the first time.

Wicks Of Candles: What You Need Know For Halloween插图4Large Candle (For Weddings, Etc.) → D Wick

The D wick is a wick that allows you to enjoy a relatively large flame. Therefore, D wick is recommended when making large candles for weddings, parties, etc. D wick is also a suitable material when using beeswax as the raw material.

However, D wicks can be a little difficult for beginners to use, such as the need to process the candle wick properly.

Therefore, when making your first original candle, it is a good idea to start with an H wick, and if you are making a full-fledged candle, choose a D wick.

Enjoy Individuality and Design → Color Wick

If you want to enjoy a unique design, you can try using colored wicks. In particular, colored wicks are the perfect candle wick when you are particular about the coloring of your candles. It is especially suitable for making candles that can be enjoyed as interior decoration without being lit.

Enjoy the Sound → Wood Wick

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy lighting a fire, we recommend a wood wick. The appeal of Woodwick wicks is the crackling sound they make when lit. You can enjoy the warm atmosphere unique to candle flames.

Wicks Of Candles: What You Need Know For Halloween插图5

Candle making can be even more fun if you pay close attention to the different wicks. Many specialty stores have knowledgeable staff available for consultation, so they are a great resource to rely on when you have something you don’t understand.

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