How to Make Candles from Halloween Pumpkins插图Speaking of October 31st, it is “Halloween”. Every year on October 31st, Halloween parties are held all over the world. Costume parties and events are held all over Japan, and it is a big autumn event that is enjoyed by many people from children to adults.
If you’re thinking about decorating your home for a Halloween’s party, there’s one thing you can’t miss: Jack-o-lanterns. Jack-o-lanterns, which are made by hollowing out pumpkins, are essential for Halloween parties and home decorations. Jack-o-lanterns are one of the most important Halloween decorations that you will see around town at least once as Halloween approaches. Therefore, it wishes be unique and to your liking. To help you, we will explain in this article how to make candles from Halloween’s pumpkins.

The origin of Halloween and jack-o-lanterns

How to Make Candles from Halloween Pumpkins插图1What kind of day is Halloween? Many people may think that Halloween is a Christian event. However, Halloween is said to have its origins not in Christianity but in an ancient Celtic fall harvest festival. The Celtic year ended on October 31st, and it was believed that spirits of the dead and evil spirits would visit their homes on that night. It is said that people wore costumes and masks to ward off evil spirits. Later, this custom was adopted by Christianity and became the current form of Halloween.

The jack-o-lantern we will be introducing is one of the decorations made to ward off evil spirits. It is said that it was originally made using turnips, and turnips are still used in Scotland today. The reason pumpkins became so popular is said to be because when the Irish immigrated to America, pumpkins were easier to obtain than turnips.


What pumpkins to use for Halloween?

Before I explain how to make a Halloween pumpkin candle, it’s important to understand which type to use for this task. Because you have to carve pictures on it, it has to be big, weighing between five and six kilograms. Typically, the color of these vegetables is dark orange.How to Make Candles from Halloween Pumpkins插图2

Among all the types of pumpkins, the ideal one is the etample, also known as the Halloween pumpkin. Although its origins today can come from different places, this breed originally came from France. While it may appear to be just decorative, it can also be used in the kitchen. In fact, in order not to throw away the leftovers of the pumpkin that we are going to carve, we can use them on a culinary level.

There are some countries, such as the UK, that offer different varieties of this pumpkin. These are specially designed to decorate your home for Halloween. They usually differ from others in that the skin is less hard and the inside is semi-hollow. Therefore, the process of emptying them is much easier.

How to make a Halloween pumpkin?

I think we’re ready to figure out how to make Halloween pumpkin candles. Before we get started, let’s make sure we have everything we need on hand:

  • A nice pumpkin and the size we like.
  • A wide short candle.
  • Lighter or matches.
  • A spoon and a knife.
  • Pen or pencil.

Once we have everything, we have to get to work. We’ll go over step by step what we have to do to create a lighted Halloween pumpkin.

Step 1: Empty the Pumpkin

How to Make Candles from Halloween Pumpkins插图3The first thing to do is to choose a pumpkin that we like. The bigger it is, the easier it is to carve a scary face into it. But before we start that part, we have to empty it. But what do we do? Well, it’s very simple. We have to open this vegetable from the top, with the lid on we will extract the juicy content through it.

With the help of a spoon we can remove all the seeds and scrape the walls and bottom of the pumpkin well. It is important that the bottom is even and smooth, so that the candle we will place at the end will be more difficult to tip over. If you want to throw away all the pumpkin filling, don’t worry. You can bake the extracted pipes and use the rest of the insides to make purees, sauces or even cakes.

Step 2: Design the Face

How to Make Candles from Halloween Pumpkins插图4Once the pumpkin is completely empty inside, we have to design the face we want to carve. Usually, Halloween designs are very gloomy. However, we can choose the shape of the face we want to make or even sculpt something else entirely.

Once this is clear in our mind, we must draw the outline on the pumpkin with a pen or pencil. If crafts or art are not our thing, we always have the option of looking for examples on the internet to inspire us or using templates, of which we can find many online.

After we’ve translated the design onto the vegetables, it’s time to grab the knife and cut. If we end up choosing a face, we have to cut out the mouth, nose, and eyes. To make it perfect, it is recommended to polish the edges later.

Step Three: Light the Candles

Only one thing remains: place the candle at the base of the pumpkin and light it. Before lighting, we should make sure that the candle will not tip over. Once it’s open, all that’s left is to put the lid on and that’s it. To see the effect, it’s best to turn off the lights and enjoy the Halloween atmosphere.

How to Make Candles from Halloween Pumpkins插图5

Making candles from Halloween pumpkins is a delightful and creative DIY project that adds a touch of warmth and spookiness to your home. By selecting the right pumpkins, carving them carefully, preparing them for candle insertion, choosing the right candles, and displaying them with safety precautions in mind, you can create stunning and aromatic pumpkin candles that will enhance the Halloween ambiance. Remember to prioritize safety at all times and consider using flameless LED candles as an alternative if you have concerns about fire safety. Spend Halloween this year in a different way than usual, such as by placing a handmade jack-o-lantern in your room or entryway.

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