What kind of brand is [Yankee Candle]? Many people wonder what kind of brand “Yankee Candle” is. For those who are wondering, we will explain in detail the reasons for their popularity and their charms! We have also picked out seven popular scents and items with cute appearances. If you are interested in aroma candles, please check them out!

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Reasons for their popularity

One of the world’s leading candle manufacturers

Yankee Candle is sold in about 500 stores in the United States and about 35,000 stores in about 60 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, France, and Japan. Annual sales of Yankee Candle Company are worth approximately 85 billion yen. Yankee Candle Company is a well-known and popular manufacturer not only in the United States, but throughout the world!

Introducing Yankee Candle’s popular scents and recommended items!插图1The amount of aroma contained in Yankee Candle is very high

Yankee Candle’s scents are characterized by the large amounts of aromas they contain. Yankee Candle is made with advanced technology, and about three times the amount of aroma contained in a normal fragrance is kneaded into the candle. The elegant and intense fragrance can be enjoyed until it is used up. Because the aroma is so rich, you can enjoy the fragrance even if you leave the candle as it is without heating it.

Many types of scents and products

Yankee Candle is popular for its many a fragrances and the variety of products it offers.

Yankee Candle always has about 150 different scents on the market, with new varieties organism introduced all the time. Among the most popular are “Lemon Lavender”, which creates a clean and cozy atmosphere, “Clean Cotton,” which smells as refreshing as cotton in the sun, “Vanilla,” which is creamy and unmixed, and “Midsummer’s Night”, which is masculine and mysterious. You can also apply them for different occasions, such as changing the fragrance between daytime and bedtime.

Cute containers

Another feature of Yank Candle is its cute containers. It is stylish to use the “jar” as a candle container as it is! You can also employ it as a container for small items after you have finished using the candles inside.

Yankee Candle’s main product lineup

Introducing Yankee Candle’s popular scents and recommended items!插图2Samplers

Yankee Candle’s products, often found in Japanese grocery stores, are called “samplers. Samplers are small in size up and reasonably priced, and are recommended when you want to find your favorite fragrance or enjoy a variety of scents. They are votive candles, so they are soft to use. We call them “samplers” to mean “trial fragrance samples.


If you have found your favorite scent in the sampler, try the “jar” next. There are three sizes available, each with a different burn time: the S size burns for 20 to 30 hours, the M size for 65 to 75 hours, and the L size for 110 to 150 hours (the longest burn time). We recommend this size for heavy users.

Introducing Yankee Candle’s popular scents and recommended items!插图3Clear Cup Tealight

The “Clear Cup Tealight” is an ideal gift that contains four small cups of different fragrances. The cups are transparent and allow the colors of the candles to shine through. The cups are not made of glass but polycarbonate, which is resistant to heat and deformation.

Fragrance Beads

This bead-type product has the effect of both releasing and absorbing fragrance, and works to neutralize household odors and unpleasant smells that bother you. Since the highly absorbent polymer contains plenty of high-grade fragrance oil, the fragrance persists even when the beads become small. It is effective when placed in places where odors are bothersome, so it can be placed in entryways, closets, washrooms, and bathrooms.

Popular products recommended for beginners

Here are some of our recommended products from among the many series.

Trial mini-size sampler

The “sampler,” which is a sample of a fragrance, is recommended for those who are new to Yankee Candle and those who are looking for their favorite fragrance. The miniature size makes it easy to buy and try out scents, and the burn time of 15 hours makes it a solid product. It is convenient to put the candles in the holder to avoid wasting them.

Jar series available in three sizes

If you find a scent you like, try the “Jar” series, available in three sizes! The duration of each size is 20 to 30 hours for the S size, 65 to 75 hours for the M size, and 100 to 120 hours for the L size, respectively. You can enjoy the pleasant fragrance for a long time.

Introducing Yankee Candle’s popular scents and recommended items!插图4Warmer set

This is a set of candle and warmer. Candles are generally lit by wicks, but if you use a warmer, you can melt the candle with the heat of a light bulb to spread the aroma. Since no fire is used, you can easily enjoy the aroma. The silhouette is also beautiful, so it can be used as a stylish lantern for interior decoration.

Stylish reed diffuser

Reed diffusers are recommended for those who want a type of diffuser that is not a candle, or for those who always want to spread aroma in a room. The aroma is spread by inserting wooden sticks into a jar containing aroma. It is also convenient to change the intensity of the aroma by increasing or decreasing the number of sticks. The bottles are stylishly decorated with pictures that match the fragrance.

Melt and Scent Wax Potpourri

This wax potpourri has a cute tart-like shape. The candle has no wick and is heated in a pot warmer. The tart can be easily broken by hand, and one of its charms is that you can blend several types to create your own original fragrance.

Fragrance beads can be used anywhere

Fragrance beads spread fragrance ingredients and absorb and neutralize room odors. When placed in closets, entryways, bathrooms, and other places, these beads can transform bothersome household odors into a pleasant fragrance.

Introducing Yankee Candle’s popular scents and recommended items!插图5

We have summarized the appeal of [Yankee Candle] and its recommended products. What did you think? Smelling your favorite fragrance can help you relax and feel refreshed. Encountering new scents also enriches your life. We hope you will try Yankee Candle’s products and find a scent you like and a series that is easy to use.

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