If you are choosing aroma candles for a gift, choose the right one for the recipient. Aroma candles come in a wide variety of shapes and scents, so many people may not know how to choose the correct one. Here are some pointers on choosing the right one for a gift.

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Stylish design if it is a gift for a woman

Aroma candles are one of the items that women would be happy to receive. If you are giving it to a woman, we recommend that you choose a stylish design.

Choose an aroma candle with a simple, sophisticated design that easily fits in with whatever interior design you have. If the glaze nursing bottle is reusable, the aroma candle can be enjoyed even after it has been used.

How to choose an Aroma Candle for a present?插图1Refreshing and subtle scents for men

If you are giving a scented undefined to a man, one that is recently and subtly perfumed is perfect. Citrus scents, such as lavender and lemon, are easier to use than feminine scents, such as rose. Choose a simple white color for the aroma candle, or choose a color such as navy or brown that even men can easily aim at in their rooms.

Affordable prices for pop brands

Giving a popular brand of scented candles is also a good idea. A scented candle that is a little more expensive than most but not something you would buy for yourself will be very much appreciated. Luxury and well-known brands such as Dior, L’Occitane, Aesop, etc. can also be enjoyed as interior decorations.

How to choose an Aroma Candle for a present?插图2Use multiple scents to suit your mood

Since many aroma candles are available at affordable prices, it is a good idea to buy multiple scents. You can use different scents depending on your mood.

Choose a lavender perfume for a good night’s sleep, or a citrus or mint scent to help you concentrate. It is also a good idea to purchase moderate tea lights or aroma candles that come in sets of different scents.

Cautions for use

Aroma candles are very magical and soothing items, but because they use fire, they should be handled with care. If used incorrectly, there is a risk of fire. When using it, please be careful of the following points.

Do not light them near flammable items

Aroma candles are items that are lit to enjoy their fragrance and light. Because they use fire, avoid using them near flammable curtains or tissues. It is also dangerous to place aroma candles in the path of airflow from fans or heating devices, as the flames can spread easily.

Please place them in a quiet place where the fire does not move as much as possible. Aroma candles often have a time limit for continuous use, so it is recommended to use them on time.

How to choose an Aroma Candle for a present?插图3Turn off the aroma candles when you go to bed

When you are sleeping, you may not be able to notice immediately if something happens. Therefore, for your own safety, you should turn off the aroma candles when you go to bed.

For those who wish to use aroma candles at their bedside, or for those who accidentally fall asleep, it is recommended to use a candle warmer, which can melt candles with the power of electric heat without using fire. Since you can enjoy the aroma of aroma candles without using fire, you can use them safely at your bedside.

Be sure to separate them when disposing of them

When disposing of aroma candles, be sure to separate them properly. Leftover wax can be disposed of as burnable trash. However, in most cases, glass jars and other containers that used to contain aroma candles will be disposed of as non-burnable trash.

Please separate them according to the local government rules according to the type of container. Many aroma candles in glass bottles have cute designs, and there are products on the market that can be reused as accessory containers. It is also eco-friendly and recommended to choose such aroma candles.

Aroma Candle Recommendations

LA JOLIE MUSE Aroma Candle
How to choose an Aroma Candle for a present?插图4

These aroma candles come in a stylish glass jar and are popular as

gifts. The woody wick allows you to enjoy the crackling sound, which is a appeasement and elegant way to relax.

It contains multiple scents such as lavender, red berry, and jasmine. Since these candles are made of soy wax, they are soot-free and can be used as air fresheners to purify the air.

Rotary Aroma Candle

This aroma candle comes with a gold candle holder with a motif. When lit, the motif rotates in accordance with the air currents of heat, creating a fantastic and elegant atmosphere.

The gold candle holder with watermark is beautiful and recommended for those who are looking for something to use when they want to be healed or when spending time with their loved ones.

FARIBOLES Faribole Aroma Candle

This aroma candle focuses on raw materials victimisation natural essential oils. It features a simple and sophisticated design that can be matched with any interior. It comes in a brown lidded glass over jar, making it a hone give for men.

With four different scents to choose from, you can select the unity that best suits your mood before bedtime or when you need a transfer of pace.

How to choose an Aroma Candle for a present?插图5

Aroma candles are available in a variety of scents, including those that remove impurities from the air and those that allow you to enjoy their fragrance without lighting them on fire. You can choose according to the purpose, so it’s a good idea to consider what kind of scene you want to use it for. There are aroma candles that are made of natural materials and do not produce soot, so you can easily use them in your bath or room.

Although there are some precautions to be taken when using aroma candles because they handle fire, why not try using aroma candles before going to bed or relaxing in the bath? Please refer to our selection guide to find the best aroma candle for you.

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