Candle Holder: How To Clean It Well?

Candle Holder: How To Clean It Well?插图Today, more and more people are pursuing a higher quality of life and are beginning to use scented candles. The most common place to place aromatherapy candles is in glass candle holders. Then, when the scented candles burn out, difficult wax remains on the bottom and sides of the glass. Today we will show you how to remove the candle wax left on the glass.

How to Clean Candle Holders Easily

You all know that candles melt at 60°C, so you have been dipping them in hot water to remove wax that has arrived on the candle holder. However, when you throw away the melted wax in hot water, it gets stuck on the candle holder again, and it is difficult to clean it. When I hear this, I tell them about this method.

When removing wax that has stuck to the holder

When you have a lot of wax on the holder, put the whole candle holder in the freezer. Put it in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes to cool it down. After the freezer is cooled, remove the wax by hand, and the lumps will come off cleanly. It is very easy to remove.

When removing thinly coated wax

When the candle is lit, the wax will liquefy. When the wax liquefies, you may move the candle or move the candle after extinguishing it before the liquefied wax hardens, and the wax may stick to the candleholder. In such cases, people often try to melt the wax by putting it in hot water (60°C).

Candle Holder: How To Clean It Well?插图1However, when you take the holder out of the hot water, the melted wax will come back on the candle holder. In such cases, you can add liquid detergent to the hot water. Just the right amount is fine. This is the kind of detergent often found at home when washing dishes. Put the candle holder in the hot water with detergent. Candles melt at 60°C, so the water should be about that temperature. Be careful not to make the water too hot, or the glass may break.

When the candle holder is inserted, the wax will run and float. Let it sit for a while. You can keep putting it in until the water cools down. After it cools down, you can take the candle bearer out, and it will be clean, but a little wax may stick to it, so you can easily wipe it off with a cloth afterward. If you employ only hot water, the melted wax will again adhere to the candleholder, and it will not be easy to clean. So, you can strip it by adding detergent to hot water.

How To Care For DIPTYQUE Candles

Proper candle use

When lighting a candle for the first time, keep lighting it until the stallion surface of the wax becomes liquid. This will prevent the wax from becoming inconsistent and forming indentations around the wick.

Do not leave lit candles unattended. Do not leave lit candles unattended, and do not allow them to burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Do not light a lit candle when it is lit or when the wax is still in a liquid state.Candle Holder: How To Clean It Well?插图2

Do not place lit candles in a well-ventilated area or place them directly on the surfaces of valuable objects. Aim candles on a flat, heat-resistant surface.

The use of a candle lid or snuffer is recommended when extinguishing a fire. This will prevent smoke and liquids from dispersing.

Wick Care

After use, return the wick to the center of the candle. This will allow the wax to melt evenly. This will avoid overheating of the glass container and consequently damage due to heating. Make sure that the wick and the fire do not touch the container.

Finally, periodically cut the wick with a wick trimmer (ideal length is 3-5 mm). This will reduce smoke emission from the candle and prevent the wick from falling into the wax, rendering the candle unusable.

Recycling Candles

When there is only 5 mm of wax left, or when the metal receptacle supporting the wick is visible, the candle has served its purpose. Do not light it thereafter.

This is where the second life of the candle begins. Please do not throw away the glass container, but feel free to reuse it as a vase for a single flower, a stand for a brush or pen, a candle holder, etc.

Candle Holder: How To Clean It Well?插图3How to use candles

This section introduces how to use aroma candles. We also show you how to extinguish the fire.

Light them for at least one hour

If you use aroma candles for a short time, only the area around the wick of the candle will melt and a hole will appear in the center. To melt the entire candle evenly and use it flat, keep it lit for at least one hour.

Adjust the length of the candle wick

Adjust the length of the wick to 5-6 mm. If the wick is left too long, it will burn and produce black smoke, or the flame will be larger and the candle will be consumed faster. Also, if the wick is too short, it will melt too slowly and you will not be able to enjoy the aroma. Wipe off the wax around the wick frequently to prevent the wick from becoming too short.

Candle Holder: How To Clean It Well?插图4Discard the melted wax

If you leave the melted wax as it is, the part of the candle with the aroma scent will not melt and you will not be able to enjoy the aroma scent. This will also lead to deterioration of the candle. Before disposing of the candle, wipe it off with a tissue or pour it into a milk carton to harden it before discarding it.

Use tweezers to extinguish the fire

Aroma candles should be properly extinguished by pinching the wick with tweezers and knocking it into the wax to extinguish the fire. There is also a special tool for putting out fires called a snuffer.

Store candles carefully

Aroma candles should be stored out of wind and direct sunlight. For containers without lids, cover them with a cloth or other covering after the fire is completely extinguished and the wick has lost its heat. The wind will blow the fragrance away, and dust will burn with it, making it impossible to enjoy the fragrance.

Candle Holder: How To Clean It Well?插图5

In this article, we have mainly introduced how to use and care for candles. Candles require more care because they use fire. Know how to use them correctly and enjoy your healing time with candles!

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