Life with aroma candles is elegant and wonderful. Aroma candles are an item that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life and enrich your life.

When lit, a subtle aroma wafts through and through the space and can be used as a room fragrance. The gentle flame will soothe your tiredness after work, and is recommended for daily relaxation when you want to take a breather. The candle flame also creates an extraordinary feeling and can be used for a variety of occasions.

How can you enjoy aroma candles more?插图Cautions for Using Aroma Candles in Rentals

Aroma candles need fire, so care should be taken when using them. Enjoy smell candles safely.

Be careful where you place them

Once you have decided on a room or place to direct aroma candles, check and prepare the surrounding environment. It is important to keep off placing inflammable items such as textile or paper around them and to place aroma candles in a stable location.

Some materials may require ventilation, so be sure to ventilate the area from clock to time. To prevent the fire from spreading, places exposed to wind, such as air conditioners, should also be avoided. Similarly, avoid placing perfumed candles in places where there is a lot of wind, as the flame up of the candles wish not be stable.

Do not leave the aroma candle unattended while it is being lit

How can you enjoy aroma candles more?插图1Do not leave the scented candles unattended while they are lit. Don’t fall asleep with the light on, and if you feel sleepy, turn off the flame and enjoy the afterglow.

Be especially careful with small children and pets. Handle aroma candles with care so that they do not touch them when you take your eyes off them and get burned, or so that the aroma candles do not fall. If you are in a situation where it is difficult to burn candles, you can use LED candles for peace of mind.

Check and follow the prescribed usage and storage methods

Aroma candles have prescribed usage methods, so be sure to check them before use at the time of purchase. Using aroma candles for too short or too long a time will reduce the quality of the candle itself and the durability of the container. Be sure to observe the specified continuous use time and minimum use time. Also, once the aroma candle is opened, the fragrance will be released into the air. Use them up within six months.

If you want to change candles according to your mood or enjoy multiple scents, store your scented candles in a cool, dark place while they are not in use. If they are left out, not only will dust accumulate, but the room temperature may melt the candles or even cause a fire in some cases. Underfloor storage is a good place to store aroma candles because it is not easily affected by room temperature.

How can you enjoy aroma candles more?插图2Always take care of candles

When candles are lit, unwanted wax accumulates. When wax accumulates in the center of the aroma candle, the flame will be smaller when lit, so it is best to absorb the wax with a tissue or something similar while it is still hot after the candle is extinguished. Direct contact with the wax may cause burns, so be careful when absorbing the wax.

Tips for Enjoying Aroma Candles

We have compiled a list of tips for enjoying aroma candles more.

Enjoy blending scents with multiple candles

Aroma candles made from natural essential oils have the scent of essential oils. The most prodigious thing is that you care about the scent; simply put, you care about the personal effects of essential oils and can make use of them in your undefined life. We encourage you to make use of essential oil scents in your daily life.

The perfect combination of scents for waking up in the morning

The refreshing scent of rosemary wakes up the brain and promotes motivation. The citrusy scent of grapefruit lifts your mood and is a great way to start your day.

Scent is recommended when you want to refresh yourselfHow can you enjoy aroma candles more?插图3

Orange sweetness makes you feel positive and cheerful. It also has a calming effect, making it an advisable perfume for breaking the clock when you want to reset your tiredness.

The stinker fragrance is refreshing and honed for when you want to refresh yourself.

Effective fragrance when you want to improve your concentration

Peppermint has a cool and refreshing scent. It cools the head and improves concentration.

Eucalyptus has a refreshing scent that helps you relax and clear your head. It also has a disinfectant effect and helps strip the air out of your room.

Recommended scent combinations before sleep

Lavender’s scent has an appeasing and relaxing effect and promotes quiet sleep.

Bergamot has a new citrus scent. It is a recommended scent before sleep because of its stress-relieving and tension-relieving effects.

Utilize candleholders and plates

How can you enjoy aroma candles more?插图4Candleholders and plates come in a variety of designs and serve to prevent candle wax from spilling and staining furniture. The candleholder you use will change the way your aroma candles look, so choose a nice one that suits your taste and room.

Candle holders and plates can be made of heat-resistant glass or ceramic. Candle holders made of cut glass or material glass can showcase candlelight beautifully, just like the shade of a pendant light.

Also, candle holders with the same design but different heights can be used to stylishly display multiple candles. There are suitable products depending on the shape of the candle, so you need to use different products for different candles.

Ceramic plates can also be used as plates, but do not use plates used as candle plates for food. Melted and spilled wax will stick to the plate, so if you use a plate, it should be used exclusively for candles.

How can you enjoy aroma candles more?插图5

Roma candles are an item that can make your home time more enjoyable and enrich your life. As more and more people want to spend more quality time at home, we believe that more and more people will make use of aroma candles in their daily lives. It would be wonderful to spend an elegant time reading a book or enjoying conversation with family and friends while lighting aroma candles.

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