Candle Holders: What Are Popular Ones In 2023?插图Candle holders are indispensable for using candles. The gentle light leaking from a candle holder creates a special atmosphere. There are a variety of candle holders, including stylish Scandinavian-designed ones, popular iittala ones, cute ceramic ones, stylish glass ones, retro antique ones, simple candle stands, and wall-hung ones. But it is hard to decide which one to choose, isn’t it? In this article, we will introduce some of the most popular candle holders we recommend and how to choose the right one.

Depending on the Type of Candle You Want to Use

There are several types of candles, so check to see if the holder is appropriate for the type you have. There are different types such as taper, round, and tea light candles, each of which has a different form of holder that can be used.

Taper candles

If you need to display taper candles, pick out a special candle holder. This shape is specialized for long, thin stick candles and can be used to securely install narrow candles, which do not place upright on their own. Many of them have elegant designs and a stately appearance, taking vantage of their tallness, and can be decorated in a European style.

Candle Holders: What Are Popular Ones In 2023?插图1Round candles

If you want to use round candles, we recommend a stand with a circular ground surface or a holder with some height. cylindric round candles are also soft to fit and can be displayed neatly. It is difficult to take a shape, and there are a wide variety of designs to pick out from, including tall stands, small holders, birdcage style, and lantern shape.

Tea Light Candles

For tea light candles that are 1.5 to 2 cm tall, cup-shaped holders that are tall enough to fit completely are suitable. Because they are small, they burn for a short time, and if left unattended, they can burn out and melted wax can overflow. The flame is not exposed and is recommended for homes with children and pets.

Select by Manufacturer and Brand

If you are specific about design and budget, you can likewise choose by manufacturer or brand. Here we have selected Iittala, Nitori, Muji, and IKEA as famous manufacturers and brands of candle holders.


If you are specific about the color of your glass holders, check out iittala. This manufacturer started as a glass-over factory in Finland and sells glass holders in unusual colors such as moss green and salmon pink. There are many variations in shape and many simple yet striking designs.

Candle Holders: What Are Popular Ones In 2023?插图2Nitori

Nitori is a good choice for those who require in-glaze candle holders at a reasonable price, with many products priced to a lesser extent than 1,000 yen, making it easy to try them out. There are cylindrical and rectangular glaze-over shapes, as well as round dishes and glass with feet, making them perfect for those who require them to match their interior design.


If you want something elegant, look no further than IKEA, whose candle holders are in general beautiful and elegant in design and can make a board look gorgeous. You can choose from a variety of designs, such as glass with a gold rim, steel with a stylish plant-like pattern, or aluminum with an elegant flower shape and gold color.

Candle Holders: What Are Popular Ones In 2023?插图3Recommendations for Stylish Candle Holders

Now it’s time to introduce our recommendations for stylish candle holders. All of the candle holders are stylish, so it is easy to find your favorite one.

Iittala Kivi Candle Holder

The Kivi Candle Holder is a stylish candle holder from iittala, a tableware brand representing Scandinavian Finland! This cute candle holder features a simple form made of lead-free glass and is designed by Finnish designer Heikki Orvola. The item is designed by Finnish designer Heikki Orvola. The rich color variation is also attractive, and you may want to use several of them side by side in different colors or in the same color. There are six colors available: CLEAR, GREY, EMERALD, WATER GREEN, SEA BLUE, and TURQUOISE.

BJORN WIINBLAD Eva Candle Holder

The stylish “Eva Candle Holder” is a reissue of a design by BJORN WIINBLAD, a national artist of Scandinavia and Denmark!

This cute candleholder depicts a gentle smiling woman, and is the smallest and most compact in the series. With a unique design that can be enjoyed by placing a candle in the head, it is also recommended as an interior accent. It can be used not only as a candle holder but also as a small flower vase. It is available in two colors, light green and terracotta.

Candle Holders: What Are Popular Ones In 2023?插图4menu Wall Candle Holder POV White

The stylish “Wall Candle Holder POV White” is a candle holder from menu, a Scandinavian Danish design brand! It is a wall-hanging type, which is rare for a candle holder, and is designed by Note Design Studio, a design team based in Stockholm. It is a cool candle holder with a three-dimensional design, and you can even arrange several of them together to decorate your wall.

Fonderia Artistica

Fonderia Artistica’s candle holder is just like the candlesticks you see in Western movies. It is successful in Italy, so it has a completely different sense of weight. Moreover, it comes with 5 sharpen candles, so you can use it right afterwards you open the box. It is a production that you should definitely use on special occasions much as anniversaries, because it creates a indulgent atmosphere when you really use it.


The individual who designed this product is an architect and an artist, and the formative stylishness of the product is unbelievable. It is a product with a front that transcends the boundaries of a candleholder, and can transfer the atmosphere of any room by combining it with any other type of room.

Candle Holders: What Are Popular Ones In 2023?插图5

The most important aspect of purchasing a candle holder is safety. A few bumps and shakes will not cause them to topple over, and the most secure type of candle holder is the one that can be placed on top of a tea light candle, which has a large share of the domestic market. Many glass candle holders are reasonably priced, and candles can be enjoyed in any room regardless of the taste of the room. In this article, we have introduced products with a particular focus on the material of the candle holder. We hope you will find your favorite candle holder and enjoy a wonderful relaxing time.

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